Friday, 16 December 2011


Hi everyone, sorry I have been missing just seem to have lost my mojo and currently cannot get into anything!! Hopefully, I will find it soon.  Anyway, I did get to have a sort out in my craft room and here are some photo's to prove it!!! (Compared to normal it is pretty tidy!)

This white unit above was my most recent purchase and since then have purchased White boxes that fit nicely on the first shelf with the baskets sitting on top.  The files on the floor (bottom right) are all my pages to be scrapped most of them are sorted into folders along with photos, papers and any embellishments.  
Hopefully I will be back soon with some completed projects to share.
Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas.
Anita x

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  1. Your craft room looks amazing Anita! I am so inspired because I will be moving me craft stuff back into my old craft room soon...and so i will be needing some great ideas!!! Merry Christmas.
    Alicia xx