Sunday, 1 April 2012

Drummer Boy!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, it has been a bit hectic and really not sure where the time has gone let alone the month of March!!

Had a few appointments with my little man Harvey, one was to see an eye consultant as he is long sighted and his left eye turns in, they were hoping to change his current lenses and make stronger to try and correct this unfortunately they are the strongest they can go, so it is a case of keep a close eye on him (pardon the pun!) and the possibility that he may have to have an operation.  Then, the other appointment was for his Kidneys, as when I was 20wks pregnant with him they picked up that he had Left Renal Kidney dilation, they have been checking this with ultra sounds and unfortunately at the last checkup it had grown so we were referred to a consultant who requested a Renal Scanning to look at the blood supply, function and excretion of the kidney, this was something that I would not like to go through again nor see my little man go through it was heartbreaking, he had to have a cannula put in which took two attempts eventually getting this into his arm with 3 people holding him down as well as him being strapped to the scanning bed, where he then had to stay for almost an hour before having to go back on their twice for further photos.  We are awaiting an appointment with the consultant for results. 

Hence, my mind has not been in crafting mode, this is probably why my craft desk is currently all over the place with half finished projects on it!!! Although I did get to make this card just prior to all of this for my partners nephew's birthday, he is a mad keen drummer in a band that's why I thought this Metal Drummer image appropriate from Kenny K.

 The image was coloured using copics (sorry cannot find the list), I did say I was in a mess!!
Thank you for stopping by and hopefully I will be back soon.
Anita x

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